Make Reading Great Again

America Make Reading Great Again MRGA
America Make Reading Great Again MRGA

The following link is to my Bonfire campaign, which has been created solely to show you readers that not only are there some great books to buy, but there are some great books to sell.

This is all part of my ongoing campaign to Make America Great Again, and the only way I know how is to get people to read, and hopefully, sell my books for a profit.

Make Reading Great Again #MRGA campaign details

For more information on selling my books for a profit, you can visit the following link:

Sell ebooks and earn yuuuuuge

Any money I earn from purchases of shirts or donations will go directly into my business. I do more than just write. I have to hire cover artists, editors, hire marketers to run ads, and I even hope to eventually raise enough money to turn some of your favorite stories into motion comic books.

If you can buy a shirt, please do; my shirts are meant to be a slap in the face of those claiming the okay symbol is a symbol of white supremacy; the ignorance of those people knows no bounds.

Now, the okay symbol will be used to show support for reading, support for working–by selling my books for profit–and for Making America Great Again! #MAGA

Let’s get together and Make Reading Great Again! #MRGA!