Art by Dennis

tree bottle

Trees painted on water bottle

symbol of fire

Symbol of Fire

symbol of dark

Symbol of Dark

misty death

Misty Death

symbol of light

Symbol of Light

path i've chosen

Path I’ve chosen oil painting on rock

sparkle heart rock

Sparkle heart rock

stain glass mad by aaron dennis

stain glass mad

the warrior by aaron dennis

The Warrior, an abstract water color

confusion abstract oil painting aaron dennis

Confusion oil painting

dark clouds over forest watercolor by aaron dennis

Dark clouds over forest

aurora water color aaron dennis

Aurora water color painting

kulshedra dragon of truth

Kulshedra watercolor based on The Dragon of Time series

Naga the dragon of water

Naga watercolor based on The Dragon of Time series

sleeping tree1

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett fan art

first flame by aaron dennis

First flame water color by Aaron Dennis

chaos contained water color painting

Chaos contained water color by Aaron Dennis

stain glass cat

Stain glass cat oil painting

starry wheat field

Starry wheat field