Welcome to the age of indie; mainstream entertainment is all but dead

Ash with Boom stick
Ash with Boom stick

My name is Aaron. I am a writer. Some of you know me from articles, or game reviews, or short stories, or even my novels. Some of you don’t know me at all.

My writing career really began by accident; I had written some short stories for myself, and some of the people closest to me enjoyed them, and they suggested I found a way to have them published. The short version of this story is that my journey led me to find Smashwords.

Smashwords is a great platform for the indie writer and publisher. As with every product, some of the products available from Smashwords are better than other products. The same can certainly be said for mainstream publishers, and the books written by mainstream authors.

How many mainstream authors can you name?

There are millions. Most of them have only a single title. Most of them are not earning a living from their writing. Most mainstream books are not written very well, and today, many mainstream editors are doing a very poor job.

Don’t misunderstand; I’m not trying to convince anyone to shy away from mainstream authors. I’m just trying to make readers aware of a great place to find some new adventures.

Nowadays, many of the books that people buy from Amazon are indie books. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with Amazon. For one, it’s painfully difficult to list a title for free. There are too many hoops through which authors and publishers must jump, and often times, the end result is still not a free title!

You can find numerous, free, indie titles on Barnes and Noble online as well as iBooks, but just about all of those titles are originally published through Smashwords—Barnes and Noble online and iBooks are just distributors. You can even download free samples of those priced books from Smashwords.

I’m writing about Smashwords because of that reason, actually. You see, there are many readers out there, readers like you, who are tired of the “same ole’ same ole’”; you are looking for something new, and every time you find something new from your favorite, mainstream publisher, you find that it’s…not as great as they made it seem.

Did you know that mainstream publishers have their authors buy 5,000 copies of their books in order to fake their way onto the New York Time’s best seller list? Did you know they also create tons of faux accounts from which they post fake reviews? Yes, the publishers have their employees create email accounts, or the company just allocates a department, which creates email accounts, and those email accounts are used to make Amazon accounts, and Barnes and Noble accounts, etc., and they use those accounts to write fake, rave reviews. I am well aware that indie publishers and indie writers do the same thing, but that’s exactly my point; today, there is no real difference in quality of products between indie and mainstream; both have good and bad writers, good and bad books, so why not pop on down to Smashwords?

At least, from Smashwords, you can find numerous writers who release free titles. You can read their free books, and if you like them, you’ll know, without spending a dime, if you like their style. If their books aren’t free, you can always download a free sample, and that way you can see if the book is worth the price. Furthermore, very few books are priced at anything over $5.99. Most mainstream ebooks run upwards from $9.99 to even $13.99…for an ebook!

Now, I’m writing this article at a crucial time. You see, every year, Smashwords has a month long promo. In July, I will be using that promo to give away my books at a discounted price, and even some for free. This is a great way for me to find new fans, but a big problem with Smashwords is that most users are other writers. I need new readers to come to Smashwords and see just how great it is.

You’ll have to make an account in order to download ebooks, but the account is free; all you need is an email address. Then, you can download all the books you want. You can even rate and review them on Smashwords. Some of the books even have associated videos, like trailers or readings; you don’t see that on Barnes and Noble online, do you?

Come check out Smashwords. Check it out right now, and next month, in July, come download some great books. Be sure to start with mine, ‘cause, ya’ know, I’m the best.

Thanks for reading. Share with your friends. They like reading, too, and soon, you’ll all be talking about the Lokians series, or The Dragon of Time series, or The Adventures of Larson and Garrett!

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