Earn yuuuuge and Make Reading Great Again

Listen up, you primitive screw heads! June is my BOOM month!


Ash with Boom stick
Ash with Boom stick


The month of June is jam packed with 50% affiliate commissions if you’re selling my ebooks via Smashwords. Yeah, you read right.


Make Reading Great Again
Make Reading Great Again


Let me break it down for you:


I normally give my sellers 25% commission from the sale of an e-book, but come July, I’ll be greatly lowering my prices. I’ll even be making some of my e-books free for the entire month, which means my sellers will be taking a yuuuuge hit from their affiliate marketing commissions.


It’s bad news, I know, but stick with me.


Since July is a yuuuuge promo month on Smashwords, I opt in in order to create more exposure and attract new fans, and hopefully new sellers, so to balance the lost affiliate marketing commissions, which will be prevalent in July, I’m rocketing your commissions for the month of June to 50%. I’ll probably do the same throughout August, but we’ll get to that.


So, here’s the deal: start selling a ton of my books this month. Sell even more in June, and earn yuuuuge. Then, in July, find yourselves some new Smashwords authors you like, and make sure to sell their books as well.


We’re Making Reading Great Again! #MRGA


Come August, I’ll pump your affiliate marketing commissions back up, and probably even raise the prices of a few books. Not to mention that I’ll be releasing a new title, War and Glory, Lokians 3; not exactly a new title, but a re-release….


If you’re new to all this, and you don’t really know what I’m talking about, you need to read this article.


How to read books and earn money!


I want us all in this together. We’re all Making Reading Great Again! #MRGA You also need to check out some of these ebook sites because you, too, can be raking in the dough by selling ebooks from Smashwords.


Affiliate Market Smashwords Books

Niki Nyan’s Book Blog!

Your Ebook Store Blog


It’s the easiest freaking way in the world to begin affiliate marketing, and some of those sites probably look better than others, and there may well be even more people selling my books than I know, but you, too should be selling my ebooks!


All I’m going to tell you right here and now is that by spending about 5 minutes per blog post, you can throw up an ebook on your site, and sell it for a commission. This is totally free. No pay per clicks. No third party software. No online courses. No bitcoin or satoshis. No bullshit.


Read the article above. Follow the guidelines. It’s super easy. Start selling and earning actual money. I promise you, you’ve never seen affiliate marketing like this. It’s affiliate marketing simplified. I’m creating jobs over here.


I’m Making Reading Great Again, and speaking of #MRGA check out this freaking t shirt!!!


America Make Reading Great Again MRGA
America Make Reading Great Again MRGA



It’s from my new #MRGA campaign!

You can’t find work? You need extra dough? A part time job? You smoke a ton of weed and don’t want to drug test? No probs; sell my books online. Earn my money!


earn money with affiliate marketing
earn money with affiliate marketing


Do this for you!

#MRGA shirts temporarily suspended. They’ll be back after Summer!

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