Niki Nyan’s Book Blog is the place for honest, indie reviews!

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Niki Nyan’s Book Blog is a new book blog site. There, you can read reviews and excerpts of great books, or perhaps, not so great books.

Niki specializes in indie books, mostly from Smashwords, and so far, her book reviews have varied somewhat from genre to genre, though she prefers speculative fiction–scifi and fantasy–she’ll read anything that tickles her fancy.

Her love of reading, and her love of reading real books, books written by people who enjoy reading and writing over companies who have published books for a broad audience in order to earn a buck, has led her not only to Smashwords, but Goodreads, too.

She has been kind enough to review some of my books, not from my suggest or submission, and in turn, I showed her how to make money via Smashwords and book review blogs.

You can check that out here.

I hope that you all treat her as kindly as you’ve treated me. Please, do go peek at her site, Niki Nyan’s Book Blog. Be her friend on Goodreads, and follow her on Twitter.

I believe she’ll keep up the great work and run a very successful book review blog, so be sure to share this post and her site!


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