Oh, no, it’s YouTube restricted mode!

youtube restricted mode
youtube restricted mode

What is YouTube restricted mode? Restricted mode is an optional setting used to screen out potentially mature content, or at least that’s what YouTube says, but the company seems to be deciding on its own who is potentially mature and who isn’t; i.e. Pewdiepie, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Tim Pool, etc.


It appears, now that Google AdSense is having some trouble with advertisers backing out, that YouTube is censoring certain channels in order to try to keep advertisers from leaving, or at least that’s the story.


What does YouTube restricted mode mean for you?


Consider yourself the UK, and YouTube is the EU. Invoke a Brexit. Leave YouTube!


Look, it means that if YouTube decides you’re an extremist, you can’t get organic views to your channel, because your videos cannot be found, or they demonetize your channel for a while, like when a new episode first airs, and then reinstate monetization after your big influx of views. That means you either get less views and subscribers, which leads to less revenue from Google AdSense, or it means that after you’ve lost monetization from your initial influx of viewers, you can earn some pennies after monetization has been reinstated, but Google AdSense is NOT your only option. Think about investment portfolios; you don’t invest in a single company, right?!


I’m a huge fan of many YouTube personalities. These are self made people who have found real ways to connect with a fan base, and make money from their own ideas and presentations without having to go through the mainstream, garbage conglomerate. I don’t, however, understand why they are all crying about this embargo YouTube has created. I mean, it’s an inconvenience, sure; it’s like getting fired from work, or getting your hours cut; you get pissed first then you get a new job with a new company. When you work on your own, you just have to find a new way to monetize.


This begs the question: Is there a way around this censorship? Yes! You can leave YouTube, let the Libtards and their 5 fans have it, and move on to a different venue.


It is just as easy to earn a living from Vimeo and Dailymotion as it is YouTube. You are simply not familiar with it is all. People don’t talk as much about Dailymotion and Vimeo stars because the majority of those stars are also on YouTube, but why in Hell would you limit yourself to a single platform anyway? Recall what I said about investment portfolios?


You can monetize Dailymotion without Google AdSense, so let ‘em suck a dick! Vimeo allows people to donate tips; half of you are already out there begging people through GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and Patreon anyway. At least on Vimeo, your fans can see that you are actually working and releasing new content, but you can still keep you crowdfunding platforms as well.


Now, at the end of a Kickstarter campaign, I don’t usually know if that movie I funded ever gets made! On Vimeo, people donate after they see your work, so you’re going to have work, but again, my point is that since YouTube may be giving you a hard time, you can work around it, and as more and more people leave YouTube for Vimeo and Dailymotion, I guarantee the opportunities for monetizing will accrue; the advertisers will follow.


That’s the way the world works. Don’t get angry that YouTube is ruined. Leave it. Don’t be scared that you’re going to have to get a day job in order to support your filming hobbies! Start slowly moving your content from YouTube to Vimeo and Dailymotion, and tell YouTube restricted mode: Suck a dick!


See, here’s the thing; YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion didn’t always exist. If you cannot earn money through them, you will stop using them. If you stop using them, investors and advertisers will also stop using them because viewers will be leaving to follow their favorite performers where ever they go.


You can place videos on your own website!!! Ask for donations! Sell merchandise! Leave YouTube!


Then, someone will engineer something new. That’s the way business, technology, and business technology works!


You have options. Use them!


For one, all of these people that I mentioned; Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Tim Pool, Pewdiepie (who shouldn’t even be in the same category) already have tons of fans who not only watch their videos but also visit their websites, so there’s an easy way to make extra money through either blogging or merchandise, or both! Trust me, if Paul Joseph Watson made a shirt that read: Populism is the new Punk! I’d buy it! That’s easy money!


The moral of this story is that you people making a living from YouTube are businessmen, and businessmen can recognize market patterns, so recognize the patterns.


You also have to understand that social media monetization is still in its infancy. What was the first social media platform? MySpace? Is it still around? Not in its original format. FaceBook won’t last; neither will Twitter, or anything else. Something new will come along to fill a niche market, and it will have monetization accessibility.


Companies come and companies go, and if YouTube is committing suicide, leave YouTube, and go somewhere else; the fans will follow, and so, too, will the advertisers. If the existing venues aren’t effective, improve them, or create something new. That’s the beauty of business! It’s why I don’t need a mainstream publisher to earn a living. It’s why producers have gone indie. It’s why game developers have gone indie.


I’ll never tire of saying this: we are living in an indie age! Musicians, writers, directors, actors, producers, artists, video game designers are all going indie. YouTube is no longer indie. That’s all it is!


To all you performs, who I cherish; Paul Joseph Watson, Tim Pool, Pewdiepie, Alex Jones, please keep doing what you’re doing, and rather than bunching your panties over Leftist YouTube, start uploading you work to new platforms. We will follow you.


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