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Get a professional reading of your story from Tall Tale Tv
Get a professional reading of your story from Tall Tale Tv


Playing off Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing, but seriously, folks….


I’ve been repeating myself ad nauseam; you can read books to earn some sweet cash if you do a little extra work. If you’re a book blogger, vlogger, or voice over talent, though, it’s no extra work at all.


Let me begin by sending you to this up and coming site called Tall Tale TV where Chris Herron reads excerpts and even whole short stories to YouTube. In this video, he reads a short excerpt from my Voodoo novella, Otherside.



By accumulating views, likes, and subscribers, Chris earns money through Google AdSense; he links his YouTube account and monetizes through Google AdSense, but that’s not all.


Smashwords, an indie publication platform for e-books, provides you with a special referral link. You can see it in this screen shot; by sending people to this special link, Chris earns a percentage of the book’s sale.


smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis
smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis


Obviously there’s no percentage of sale earned from free e-books, but there are numerous priced e-book on Smashwords amidst the countless, free, short stories. Besides, free e-books performed to his YouTube channel, Tall Tale TV, are still monetized via Google AdSense, so he still makes money from free stories.


Now, I’ve explained over and over again in numerous articles how you all can make money by reading books, books downloaded from Smashwords; all you have to do is discuss those books and add your special, referral link, and if you choose to simply download a free sample of a book, you don’t even have to purchase the book, so everything’s free.


Here’s the link to an article I wrote for Journal, which explains absolutely everything required to earn free money from reading books. It’s exactly what Chris does with Tall Tale TV!


Read books for a living


I’m providing more information now, because more and more people are following my advice, and you should, too. There’s no reason you can’t start earning 1, 2, 3, 10 dollars a day for very little work, and at no cost, and just for reading books.


By spending 5, 10, 30 minutes a week, you can add numerous YouTube performances, book reviews, and discussions to a vlog, blog, or review site, add your specialized, referral link, and earn real money, not Bitcoin, Satoshis, or some, other, BS, faux currency.


This is not a joke. There’s a serious potential to earn real money, and quite a bit of it if you follow the advice from my Journal article. Just think about it; $10 a day is $300 a month, and if you’re serious about discussing books, you can easily earn much more, especially with the nearly inexhaustible supply of e-books available from Smashwords.


No, you cannot sell books from Barnes and Noble, not to my knowledge. Yes, you can sell books from Amazon if you wish to download third-party software, and go through Click Bank, and earn something like 4% off a title. 4% isn’t nothing, but Click Bank is a convoluted pain in the ass, where as my instructions for utilizing Smashwords is immediate and pain free. Furthermore, the minimum earned through Smashwords is usually 11% from a sale, and in the case of my titles, the minimum I pay out is 25%, but often times, I give out more; I’m giving out 30% of my profits for the month of April.


Here’s the deal; millions of people read everyday. Millions of people discuss the books they read. Discussing books, either through conversation or posting reviews to a book blog or vlog, creates buzz for that book, for that author, for that publisher, and it’s because of reader testimony that others buy books, so why shouldn’t you earn money for marketing?


Yes. You are marketing books. You are selling books every time you discuss your latest read. Many of you already belong to reader groups, either on Goodreads, or Google+, FaceBook, or LinkedIn. You read and talk. You review and discuss. You entice new readers to purchase books, so you might as well nab a simple URL from Smashwords, add it to your vlog, blog, or review site, and provide people a simple way to buy the book, and thus earn money directly from the sale. This also secures more likes and subscribers for YouTube. You need likes and subscribers in order to get the most out of monetizing YouTube content!


This is certainly affiliate marketing, but this is simplified affiliate marketing. There’s no cost to you. You are not selling a class or program. You do not have to e-mail people or track down leads. There is nothing to buy, not really, and you don’t have to try to sell anything; you just be yourself and talk about the books you read. The books sell themselves through your discussion to anyone who happens by your vlog, blog, review site, or YouTube channel.


While it’s true that people who are familiar with affiliate marketing can earn exceedingly well, even people who have no notion of affiliate marketing can earn a lot of money through my method. Certainly, people passionate about reading and discussing books will excel, but even people who don’t particularly enjoy reading can still earn decent cash by utilizing my method—it’s all explained in the article, and I’ll add the link again at the bottom of this post.


What I really want to get across is that anyone can earn money today by optimizing their time and internet usage. This is an internet age, an indie age, where anyone with just a bit of daring and creativity can earn a great deal of income through some very simple acts, passive income. This is income that accrues without you having to do any overt work—post once and let the post generate your income.


Do you know that there are people out there, on YouTube, flipping water bottles and earning hundreds of dollars because people look at those videos? People are flipping freaking water bottles for a living. Isn’t that nuts? You can make a living reading. That’s not so nuts!


Naturally, the more posts—reviews, discussions, readings—you provide, the more exposure you’ll obtain, and thus increase your earnings over time. Understand that I’m not trying to sell you on a get rich quick scheme, far from it, this will take some time for you to begin earning a steady stream of income, and at the outset, you will probably only earn a few dollars, but if you have the passion, the connections, the fan base, you can blow up overnight, and easily earn upwards of $1,000 per month, but even $50 a month is nice, right?


On top of all this, if you’re an aspiring voice actor, you can build a really neat portfolio by reading excerpts from a variety of books, and earn cash every time a book sells. Then, when you break into the voiceover world, you’ll already have mad experience and financial success. If you’re an aspiring actor, you can partner with friends and perform skits from the books. If you’re just a reader, you can simply blog, vlog, or review on your website, and add the URL in order to profit from sales. If you’re an internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, this is the simplest kind of selling you will ever do, and while the payoff from a single e-book priced at $5.99 won’t net you the earnings from selling a dishwasher through Amazon’s third-party software mess, you can certainly sell more books per day than dishwashers.


This kind of affiliate marketing is perfect for college students, part-time workers, stay at home parents, retirees, and young people who simply can’t find the kind of employment they enjoy. (Ahem, 4:20 enthusiasts) This is also perfect for readers. It’s also perfect for aspiring writers because you can learn how to sell books. Plus, you’ll expand your fan base by showing readers what kind of books you enjoy. Then, when you publish your own book, your fans will already know where to buy!


I cannot stress this enough: I am providing everyone in the world a way to earn free money. Do yourself a favor. Change your life. Read this article from Journal. Sell books. Read for a living. You can succeed outside the strict bonds of a “job”.

Read books for a living

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