Writers get exposure with a free reading from Tall Tale TV

Get a professional reading of your story from Tall Tale Tv
Get a professional reading of your story from Tall Tale Tv

You are an author. You have been writing for years. You have a blog. You post nearly everyday. You have published numerous, short stories and given them away for free in order to build a fan base. You have published fanfiction to innumerable venues including Wattpad, Quotev, and Fanfiction.net. You belong to writing groups on LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads. You post to Medium, Quora, and you even write articles through platforms such as Journal and Omni.

How are your sales?

Do you sell 100 books a day? 100 a month? 100 a year?

There was a time when I didn’t sell more than 5 or 6 per year. My publisher certainly didn’t do anything to help me sell, but they sure bugged the Hell out of me, trying to coerce me into buying print copies of my books, so that I could got out and sell them; that’s the way they earned their money, but where were my earnings? In the toilet.

Maybe, you’ve been at the game for a long time. Maybe, you have a hundred publications, and you sell quite well. Maybe, you do purchase print copies and sell them locally or even go on tour, but can you ever sell too many books?

Peep this reading of my Voodoo novella, Otherside, not because I want to sell it to you, far from it; I don’t need your money….

Chris Herron, the up and coming voiceover talent of Tall Tale TV can certainly help you boost sales.

His amazing style and range can enrapture any listener, and many times, people, potential readers, enjoy hearing the tones of mystery, anger, and sorrow rather than imagining them. Having a reading of your short story, or an excerpt of your novel, will absolutely boost sales, and as a fellow author, I want you to succeed.

Why, you may ask?

There’s enough mainstream crap floating around the literary world right now, and I believe readers will appreciate some new talent, some new material, but they’ll never buy your sweet stories if they don’t know you exist. Besides, Tall Tale TV charges no fee. Chris’s services are absolutely free; he makes money from monetizing his YouTube channel, so there’s no cost to you; it’s free promotion. What’s the worst that could happen? You sell an extra 10 copies of your books? Would that be so bad…?

I know there are other voiceover artists out there who will read your stories to their YouTube channels. Go use their services! There’s no reason to avoid Tall Tale TV, though; the more places your stories appear, the wider an audience you’ll reach.

This is a great way for any author, at any stage of their career, to achieve increased exposure, and increased exposure means more sales, and more sales means more money, and more money means, well, whatever you want, right?

I know, I know, Tall Tale TV doesn’t have many videos  on YouTube right now. I know, I know, the videos don’t have a ton of views, but relax; the more authors approach him, the more videos he’ll add to his YouTube channel. The more videos he adds, the more views he’ll collect. People love marathon watching YouTube videos, so in time, and as more and more of you utilize his services, the more views your videos will accrue, which means that every time an author has their book or short story performed on Tall Tale TV, the more we all benefit. Furthermore, you know Chris wants to earn a living from his talents, so you know he’ll promote his channel, which means you don’t have to do didly, but you’ll still get more fans. Won’t that be a blast?

I suggest you jump on Chris’s services today because the more authors hound him for a reading, the longer it’ll take him to get your reading up on his YouTube channel. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Myeh! I already sells tons o’ books, an’ I don’t need no stinkin’ readin’ ta’ get me more sells!”

Well, that’s fine, but don’t be shocked when Mary Sue, an up and coming writer of Steam Punk with only one publication, suddenly goes viral and earns a million bucks thanks only to Chris and Tall Tale TV. When it happens, remember I told you to jump on his services….

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How to use a semicolon

self aggrandizing aaron meme


The semicolon

This guy ;

I haven’t written anything regarding my experiences from Quora in a little while, but I came across a quote, which I simply brushed off for quite some time; it was a quote regarding the semicolon. Then, I remembered answering a question on Quora about the semicolon.

The quote—and I don’t recall who said it, or if anyone actually said it at all; sometimes, people just write their own thoughts and claim someone else said something in order to pass their quirks off as something with a far deeper meaning, but I digress—the quote was along the lines of the following: I don’t use semicolons in my writing. Semicolons are just used by people who want to let everyone know that they went to college.

Well, that’s a stupid outlook.

The question from Quora was in regards to the proper use of semicolons and had nothing to do with the quote, but as is often the case, a wild hair grows right up my anus, and I have to expound my own thoughts—love me or leave me….

Question: When does one use a semicolon?

Answer: A semicolon can be used to provide a list of items or ideas.

He went to the store and purchased the following items; beer, bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper.

This is in lieu of the following statement: He went to the store and purchased beer, bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper.

As you can plainly see, the information provided in both statements is exactly the same. There is no difference, pragmatically, whatsoever. In this instance, the structure of the statement depends on you, the writer, and how you wish to provide your information to an audience.

If you were to write children’s books, you’d probably use the simpler version, and refrain from the semicolon. If you were writing a term paper on the history of espionage, you’d probably like to sound more professorial, and go for the semicolon version.

There is another time to employ the semicolon, and it is used where most people comma splice. The semicolon is used to tie together two thoroughly related sentences; both sentences must be complete clauses. This is a case where a period can also be used.

He went to the store; the Best Buy on Main St. is always busy, but he needed a new laptop right away.

The idea can also be written as the following: He went to the store. The Best Buy on Main St. is always busy, but he needed a new laptop right away.

It cannot be written in the following manner: He went to the store, the Best Buy on Main St. is always busy, but he needed a new laptop right away.

Now, why would anyone want to use the semicolon in lieu of the period?

The same reason as was stated earlier; if you are writing a book for someone of grade school age, you’d certainly refrain from the semicolon, and use the period in order to create shorter, simpler sentences. If you were writing a term paper for grad school, it’d probably be best to create more complicated sentences. Why? Presumably, a grad school student needs to provide more complex information within a paragraph, yet this is all hypothetical, subjective, from the point of view of the writer/editor and intended audience, and combined with personal predilection given any number of circumstances.

Inspect the following paragraph:

The CIA as an organization buys and sells information; they often work for various governments and against various governments and often for the same employer. Moreover, the CIA is not a single faction; they are a plethora of organizations, and all of them work together under various names, so it should not come as a shock that ISIS is in fact a CIA faction. There is little doubt that such an idea will ever be presented by anyone else, and should someone provide such an insight, it will surely be disregarded immediately.

Here’s the same paragraph verbatim:

The CIA as an organization buys and sells information. They often work for various governments and against various governments and often for the same employer. Moreover, the CIA is not a single faction. They are a plethora of organizations, and all of them work together under various names, so it should not come as a shock that ISIS is in fact a CIA faction. There is little doubt that such an idea will ever be presented by anyone else, and should someone provide such an insight, it will surely be disregarded immediately.

In the second version, both semicolons were replaced by periods. Once again, the information provided is identical, but the first version “reads” smoothly, where as the second feels “choppy”.

(Choppy is not dialogue, so the period does not belong inside the quotation marks. Quotation marks are also punctuation, and the only time other items of punctuation belong within the quotation marks is during dialogue. I don’t care what anybody else tells you; just because an idea has been accepted as the common stance does not mean it is correct. There was a time when the common stance indicated the earth was the center of the solar system, and we all learned a lesson from that, right?)

What needs to be stressed is that, for the most part, a paragraph is comprised of three or more sentences. The provision of too many sentences can cause a paragraph to expound upon multiple ideas, which is incorrect; a paragraph must elucidate a single idea, no matter how complex it may be, but the more complex the idea, the more complex must be its supporting sentences, hence linking numerous sentences by way of the semicolon. You can think of this in terms of afterthoughts, which are thoroughly correlated to one another, yet may by themselves distract from the main idea.

Fortunately, the semicolon, like the Oxford comma, is one of those strange pieces of punctuation that yields to choice, to predilection. Do you want to employ a semicolon? You don’t have to. Do you want to employ the Oxford comma? You don’t have to. The choice is yours, and the choice must be predicated on two ideas: How would you like to be regarded, and who is your audience?

I dropped everything I was doing and wrote this because often I cannot stomach the hubris of writers; I have written copiously about that idiot Stephen King, and other morons like Lloyd, ad nauseam. They are so often out there, wielding their success, lording it over your heads, prattling on about the proper way of writing. I’m certainly glad they have achieved fame, success, and financial security, but more often than not, the information they present is really just their personal take, their predilection; they also always, always, forget that they have editors, and that their editors, if they’re worth a damn, change all their writers’ quirks in order to provide readers a better experience; writing is not only about stating facts. It is also about the best possibly way to convey meaning, and that’s where punctuation often comes into play; we don’t only read words, we read punctuation in order to understand what someone else wants us to think, feel, experience….

I know that it seems sensible to take their advice to heart since they achieved success with their quirks, but this is often not the actual case; editors have rewritten their clients’ books, and a lot of those quirks are omitted, yet the writers maintain their stance. Using a semicolon won’t keep you from being successful. Starting sentences with conjunctions won’t make you successful. Vomiting sentence fragment after sentence fragment won’t make you successful, so what good is their advice? The advice of writers is usually worth less than the paper on which it’s written.

Why listen to me, right? I am also an editor.

What writers should be doing instead of telling you to avoid phrases such as “for a long moment” (more idiot Stephen King nonsense) is telling you to avoid abusing words like would, could, and should. Have you ever dropped a book because you read that a character paused for a “long moment”? Of course not. In fact, look at these pictures.

this is a picture I took of one of my favorite novels, Tales of Power, by Carlos Castaneda
this is a picture I took of one of my favorite novels, Tales of Power, by Carlos Castaneda

In the eighth line, you can plainly see “for a long moment.”

(I’m quoting the author’s statement, so the period is placed correctly.)

This book, and all of his others, are all international best sellers, and Castaneda was an anthropologist from UCLA. For a long moment is not something you need to avoid, but here’s a phone screen shot of King from Twitter.

king tells you not to use for a long mement
king tells you not to use for a long moment

There’s a time and place to use the proper statements, and it if “he looked at her,” but not “for a long moment,” he then glanced at her, or peeked at her. Conversely, you may want to state: He scrutinized her, which does entail “a long moment”. Regardless, King is a self ingratiating putz who preaches avoiding thesauruses; I’ll bet his editors use them, though, putz!

I’ll bet you dropped a book because you felt the writer kept you at arm’s length, though, right? Writers should be telling you to avoid using editing software, and instead, hire an actual editor, but the truth is that they are frightened little rabbits—they are riddled with self-doubt and insecurities— and they know people like you and me are gunning for their spot as best writer in the world, and so they give you bullshit advice in the hopes of deterring you from success.

Use a semicolon if you’re writing for adults—use it correctly. Hire an editor who understands how to transform your dry account of sequential events into a story. Learn to build a fan base before publishing your first novel. Such is the advice that writers should be giving people.

If you think I’m full of it, that’s fine, but take a few minutes to read over the following few articles;

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Editing One Shot by Lee Child


I guarantee you, your editing software is destroying your career before it even begins…so, too, is the fake advice of these “great” writers of our times. They’re a bunch of hacks, who joined a group of other hacks, and then started praising each other and keeping out anyone with a hint of talent. Fortunately for us, today is an indie age; we’re in an age of free information, an age where anyone can become successful if they employ all the time and effort at their disposal and all without having to cater to third-party, mainstream assholes. We’re living in an age where readers are clamoring for something new and fresh, and the old dinosaurs don’t know what new and fresh means. Readers are begging you to write what they want to read, so learn how to do it.

Be sure to also check out my editing services tab rather than relying on editing software.







How college students can earn money

How College Students Can Earn Money

earn money with affiliate marketing
earn money with affiliate marketing

Hello, college students. Summer is just around the corner. Well, maybe around the next few corners, but you should definitely consider the following information now because I want you to be earning easy money by the time Summer is actually upon us.


It’s no secret that tuition costs have been rising steadily, and it’s become practically impossible to go to college full time without working at least part time, but that means giving up valuable study time, or at the very least, it means giving up your spare time, and that means you can’t enjoy your favorite hobbies, but what if there was a way to earn money without having to go to work?


What if there was a way to combine your hobbies with earning money?


Just about everyone today reads. Whether for pleasure or information, most people read, and sometimes people who read also blog, vlog, and discuss what they read on book review sites, but if you’re going to school full time, and you’re working part time, or maybe even working full time, too, you can’t possibly sit down and read, rate, review, and discuss the books you enjoy, right?




Recently, I’ve been showing everyone in the world just how easy it is to earn three, four, five hundred dollars a month by simply reading and discussing books. You can learn the most basic way to earn money by reading from checking out this article.


How to Earn Money from Reading


In it, I lay out a very simple way to earn money reading, but I’ll go over everything again in this post.


For starters, I want to let you all know that for the month of April, 2017, I’ll be giving everyone a 30% cut of my profits, which is far beyond anything you’ll earn anywhere else, for selling my books, but allow me to backtrack real quick.


Affiliate marketing is the process through which you, the person not directly affiliated with a product, sell that product and instead of being paid by a company, you earn a direct cut of the sale.


Reading is, well, you know, reading books….


Here’s the deal-


Instead of going out to work for 10, 15, 20 hours a week and earning peanuts, or even though you’re working 10, 15, 20 hours a week and earning peanuts, you can blog about books, and when people learn about how great these books are, they buy them from your blog, vlog, or review site, and you earn a part of the sale, 30% of the sale for the month of April! Maybe more for June, July, and August, stay tuned for that.


The important thing is that once you establish a blog, vlog, or book review website, people will keep coming by your site to check your content, and then they can buy books directly from your site, and you earn a direct cut of the sales without having to do any extra work. In other words, you post once about a specific book, and then you don’t ever have to talk about that book ever again, but as long as people buy that book from you, you constantly earn a cut of the profit.


Now, imagine if you didn’t even have to buy the book or pay for web hosting.


You can start today by visiting WordPress or Blogger and making a free website. This works great on YouTube, too, because you can physically talk about the book you read.


Next, you make a Smashwords account, which is free, and you link your Paypal account to your Smashwords account, all still free, and on Smashwords, you can peruse all kinds of books.


Here is the link to all of my books on Smashwords


There are free books and there are priced books, and in the post I mentioned above, I also explain how to earn an income from the free books, but for now, I just want to deal with the priced books.


Every priced book has a referral link at the bottom of the buy page. You can see the referral URL at the bottom of the buy page for this book in the picture below.


smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis
smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis


That URL is automatically specialized for you based on your Smashwords account, so there’s no third party software, not pay per click, nothing. You just copy that URL, place it on your blog, book review site, or YouTube channel, and when people buy that book because of your review, you earn a cut of the sale, and in the case of my books, you will earn 30% of the sale for the month of April—I normally give out 25%.


Since my books are generally priced at $4.99, 30% of the sale nets you over a dollar per sale. That means that if you sell just 10 books a day, you earn more than $300.00 per month, and all for just reading and then discussing a book on your blog, vlog, or review site.


Hold on to your hats, though, ‘cause it gets even better.


You don’t really even need to read the book. You don’t really even need to purchase the book. You don’t really need to do much of anything. As previously mentioned, everything is laid out in the article from above, but I’ll delineate again.


You make your book blog, vlog, or review site for free. You make your Smashwords account for free, and link your free Paypal account to your Smashwords account. Then, you check out some books, which are priced for sale, and generally, you can download a free sample to peruse the book, and see if you like it or not, but that doesn’t really matter because most books will have a picture of the cover, a neat blurb, and some reviews, which is all you need. That means you can just copy and paste everything to your blog, or review website—you can simply read blurbs and reviews out loud as well as an excerpt from free samples for a vlog or YouTube book channel—and after five minutes of work, you post your specific referral URL on your blog, vlog, or book review website, and people can purchase the book right from you instead of the author’s page.


When people buy the books, you automatically earn that dollar—sometimes it’s more if the referral percentage or the book price are higher—and you don’t have to do anything else!


This is real money we’re talking about, too, not Satoshis, or Bitcoin, or some other strange non-currency. This is free money for about 5 minutes worth of work.


Now here’s the thing; anybody can do this, but people who enjoy reading and discussing books, or people who enjoy affiliate marketing, will perform exceedingly well, and that’s great, but even if you don’t know what you’re doing, and have no expectations, you can still earn some pretty good money through half-assing the process.


Consider that by taking 5 minutes out of every week, you can throw up a new book cover, blurb, and review—and maybe even a short excerpt—onto your blog, vlog, or book review site. If you start today (March of 2017) then by the time Summer is here, you can have 10, 11, 12 books up, and if you’re selling just one of each of the books per day, you’re earning 10, 11, 12 dollars per day, every day. If you want to add more books, you can add more books, and if you really want to make this your part time—or even full time—occupation, you can easily make one or two thousand dollars a month by adding two or three books per week, and then attacking social media, book discussion groups, and just telling everyone on campus to check out your site!


Now, again, I’m really just giving you an outline with this post because I know many college students out there are struggling to work, pay bills, pay for tuition, books, and whatever else, and on top of the costs, there just isn’t much time left to do anything, but I suggest you also take another five minutes to read the article, which provides a more thorough explanation of how all this works.


The reason I’m reaching out to you college students specifically is because you all already have an in depth connection with numerous people, people on campus, and I know that many of you are readers, which means you can either work together to sell, and earn some real decent cash by having different people discuss different genres of books, or you can simply work alone, unhindered by the set—and usually annoying—hours of a traditional employer.


You get to be in charge of everything from your schedule to which books you wish to discuss and sell to how you go about generating buzz for your new book review site.


You may certainly want to keep your part time job, or cut back to part time hours, while you get this book reading, affiliate marketing, self employed, wage earning act rolling, but I promise you that with just a little bit of effort, and no cost whatsoever, you can earn some easy money in no time, at least enough to help with rising tuition costs.


Look at this cover, blurb, and review.


The Dragon of Time Two, Dragon Slayer By Aaron Dennis
The Dragon of Time Two, Dragon Slayer
By Aaron Dennis

Blurb- With the death of Kulshedra, Dragon of Truth, it has been revealed that Scar, the mercenary, is in fact Sarkany, the Dragon Slayer, a creature fashioned for the sole purpose of purging the Dragons from the world of Tiamhaal, yet such a thing is not so simple. Kings and queens yet war amongst one another. They, too, lie, connive, and coerce, and so, Scar and his friends must find a way to persuade those few, benevolent rulers to band together. In the midst of peace talks and dead Dragons, those still in the worship of the beasts grow more powerful. Some of them even doubly praise their oppressor in an effort to wield more magic. Now, united with his friends, Scar sets his gaze upon a hopeful horizon, but is strength in numbers sufficient to keep the Dragons from completing their machinations?

Review- Best book ever written ever.
Dragon Slayer picks up right after Gods and Dragons. If you havent read Gods and Dragons just take my word for it. It’s awesome. Go read it. Now, I’m going to talk about Dragon Slayer, so if you don’t want me to spoil Gods and Dragons stop reading this review.

Scar, who now knows he is Sarkany, the Dragon Slayer, has just killed the dragon Kulshedra, so Artimis flies him back to Usaj where he fights and kills Zoltek. Since Scar is on a quest for Eternus, the Dragon of Time, to gather the souls of the dragons, he has to kill the kings of every country in orrder to take their dragon gems. Well, after he kills Zoltek, he kills Zmaj, and of course the Zmajans lose their powers, but as it turns out, when the dragons die, and poeple lose their powers, the other living dragons get stronger, and their worshipers do too, so now the paladins of Inhogupta the Perseverants help Scar to try and bring the world to order, but there’s all kind of chaos because Scar is a good guy and he wants the kings and queens to hand over the gems without bloodshed, but some of them are bad, and they’re conspiring with each other.
There’s so much more intrigue and espionage in this story than I ever expected, and it is a bit difficult to keep up with the states of the nations, but in the end, it’s like background information that really brings the world to life without requiring you to memorize whatever is going on.
The short version is that Scar is on his mission to gather all the souls of each dragon, but since the dragons get stronger as the others die, it’s harder for him to kill them, but then he learns how to use their powers.
It’s so freakin amazing. How is this story not on the tip of everyone’s tongue?
I don’t know. This guy is like the best writer ever and everyone’s off reading Harry Potter.

I just hope the next Dragon of Time comes out soon. In the meantime, I’ll be reading whatever else Dennis releases.


All you have to do is paste these to your book blog or review site, or as I mentioned, you can simply read the information out loud on your YouTube channel. You can even read excerpts from the book, and then monetize your YouTube channel and link your Google AdSense account to earn aggregate income. There will be no copyright infringement because reviewers are allowed to quote excerpts for reviews and discussions.


It isn’t hard. There’s no cost. It takes between 5 and 30 minutes per book—depending on how much work you want to do, and then the sales just keep coming in without you ever having to discuss that one book ever again.


This is an indie world you’re entering. This is an internet based world, and you should use the internet to make your life easier. There are free financial opportunities on the internet if you can find them, and I’m showing you one of the simplest and safest ones. As a wage earning writer, I have gone through everything you’re going through now, so I want to make everything simple for you, which, of course, generates more buzz for my books.


Remember: no cost, no third party software, no pay per click BS, and you earn real money by just sharing my—or anyone’s—books from Smashwords. Make sure you read the original article—if you haven’t read it from above—because it will explain absolutely everything you need to do to start earning money today.


How to Earn Money from Reading


Then, when you’ve got it going, and people are buying books from your site while you’re in class, studying, or hanging with friends, you can bail on that part time job, or at least cut back to part time from your full time job, or maybe, you’re so good that you can earn a living off this neat little hack….


Thank you, college students, for reading How College Students Can Earn Money. Reading makes the whole world a better place. You do not have to graduate under the burden of thousands of dollars of debt. You can start earning passive income today at no cost to you.


If you enjoyed reading How College Students Can Earn Money, please check out some of my other posts.


Oh, and if you’re in a business or econ program, show this post to your friends! This is also great for those of you enrolled in a literary arts, drama, or production program—lot’s of stuff to read or even perform on YouTube!



Calling all voice actors, voice over artists, and book vloggers!

How would you like to keep doing exactly what you’re doing, not a change a damn thing, and earn more money? Did I get your attention?

earn money with affiliate marketing
earn money with affiliate marketing

You’re brilliant, patient, and have a sonorous voice. You use it to convey emotions. It’s your art that elicits our passion, dreams, and aspirations, and rightfully so, you use your talent to earn a living. This is why I want to call your attention and preface the following information by saying that books are turned into movies, television shows, motion comic books, and video games, all of which need voice actors.

Many of you have YouTube accounts, and you showcase your wonderful talent. Every time you read something, a script, a novel, a short story, a review, anything, you post the video to YouTube, and your channel draws numerous visitors and subscribers.

By utilizing Google AdSense and other third party advertisers, you generate income, and that’s great. Sometimes, you sell your services to companies like Audible, and you perform readings of books, but what if there was an additional way to augment your income, which required absolutely no more work, no more effort, than what you’re already putting into your occupation?

What if on top of augmenting your income, you were also able to create more and more videos to showcase your stunning talent? You also want to get more likes and subscribers to your YouTube channel, right?

Peep this reading of The Dragon of Time, Gods and Dragons.

This book and performance was the winner of a book reading, but what if you had a chance to read this book, any book, out loud and upload it to your YouTube account. Your performance certainly sells that book to interested readers, right? You certainly deserve compensation for your efforts, don’t you? With more videos, you’ll surely get more likes and subscribers to your YouTube channel, and that means more exposure, more income.

What if you were paid every time that a book sold a copy? What if every time that a book sold, you earned a dollar? A dollar isn’t much, but if you add that dollar to the income you already earn from ads, it’s a great bonus, especially if you sold multiple books regularly. Ten books a day is suddenly ten dollars a day, that’s an additional $300 a month…not to mention that the additional likes and subscribers means more revenue from Google AdSense.

Here’s what I’m doing, and here’s where I want you to participate and earn more money by reading books, performing, selling books, and getting more likes and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Smashwords books have affiliate referral links on their buy pages. Down at the bottom of the Smashwords page for They Lurk Among Us, Lokians 2, the second book of the Lokians scifi series, you can plainly see a URL, and you can also see that you can earn 25% of the sale. Not all Smashwords authors provide such a high referral income, but I do, and sometimes, I offer more than 25%, but never less, so if you perform a reading of They Lurk Among Us, Lokians 2, and people see your performance, and they buy They Lurk Among Us, Lokians 2 through your referral link, you earn a dollar from the sale, and you earn more money than just utilizing Google AdSense.

smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis
smashwords affiliate marketing aaron dennis

Now, imagine performing a reading of hundreds of books, books you don’t even have to purchase because you can download free samples of the books, and choose your preferred section to perform. For absolutely no cost, you can download a free sample of any of my books, perform a reading, and place your referral URL in that YouTube video, and then when people buy that book because of your performance, you earn more money.

Easy income, right? Free income from downloading free samples of great books!

There’s no hassle, no cost, and you’re just doing what you already love doing, speaking!

You do need to make a Smashwords account, but the account is free, and then your special referral URL automatically appears at the bottom of every book’s buy page, and all you do is place that URL in the video description or in the video itself.

In order to receive your compensation, you just link your Paypal account to your Smashwords account; it’s all free, it’s all easy, it requires no additional work or money, and there are thousands of free stories you can also download and read—all genres; scifi, fantasy, romance, horror.

How much fun would it be to just read stories for a living?

Here’s a link to my page on Smashwords, so that you can see all of my stories, and they are of numerous genres.

Many of them are free, but if you perform a reading of those titles, and upload your performance to your YouTube channel, you can earn easy money through the ad revenue. Then, to augment your earnings, you can download the free portions of my priced books, and perform those readings, too. Just add the referral URL to your video, and when people buy the book through your link, you get paid.

Sounds easy? Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like affiliate marketing? It is easy easy. It is not too good to be true. It is affiliate marketing—affiliate marketing simplified.

No third party software, no pay per click, no extra work or effort, absolutely no cost to you, but you get all the benefits; you get a free story or sample, you get to stretch your vocal muscles, you get to showcase your talents, you get to add videos for more ad revenue, and likes, and subscribers, and you get to enjoy fantasy, scifi, horror, romance, whatever, and you get free money whenever anyone purchases a book through your link.

You can do this for any book you want, but remember that most Smashwords authors won’t be giving you 25% or more of their sales, but even the customary 11% is nice.

Think about it. If you’re already a YouTube hit, everyone will come to view your readings. If you’re not a YouTube hit…yet, you can certainly become one by adding numerous performances—just imagine having hundreds of videos on your YouTube account all from various genres; scifi, fantasy, horror, romance, whatever you want, and so you can showcase your range, and all the while, you earn tons of cash and exposure.

You already love voice acting. You are an actor, a voice actor, and if you so choose, you can showcase your acting talents by staging actual performances with a group of friends—group readings, whatever you want. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with this wonderful opportunity, and we all benefit.

Maybe, you’re not a voice actor. Maybe, you’re just a reader, a lover of the written word, and you enjoy reviewing your favorite books on your book review vlog. You can still earn an income through both Google AdSense and Smashwords referral URLs—affiliate marketing simplified. Like I said, we all benefit.

I benefit because you’re giving me exposure. You benefit because you earn a cut of my profits, you earn more through more ads, and voice actors can certainly land more jobs from the added exposure. To top it off, fans of reading benefit from learning of new material.

If you’d like more information, you can check out this post as well.

You can also see that more and more people are searching for simplified affiliate marketing—more people are finding ways to earn money by doing what they love, free from the shackles of laborious jobs.

You definitely want to jump on this before the competition gets heavy, and I promise you, in about six months, a year, everyone will be reading books on YouTube, selling books on YouTube, reviewing books on YouTube.

Look at all the book review vlogs! It won’t be long before all the book review vloggers learn they can earn an actual living by doing what they’re already doing—selling books to consumers by reviewing them in vlog format. I also know people are taking advantage of streaming, so stream some readings, and provide the referral URL on your website, blog, or social media accounts!

Yup, this isn’t just a call to professional, voice actors; this is a call to anyone with a voice, anyone who enjoys reading, anyone who enjoys reviewing, speaking, acting.

Start earning more money today by reading books, streaming, making videos, and making vlogs. It’s your performance, your art, your interest, your passion that sells books, so earn more by doing what you already love, and at no cost, no additional effort.

Book review vloggers, when you review A Song of Ice and Fire, does Bantam pay you? Does George Martin? No, but people, your fans, certainly by those books because of your praise. Does J.K. Rowling pay you whenever you read or praise Harry Potter on your review site or review vlog? No, but I will; every time you review a book, and it sells, it sells because of your hard work, and you deserve a cut of the profit.

Start earning more money today. Streaming, blogs, vlogs—the internet is designed for you to take advantage of what you love doing; you can earn more doing what you love and without having to beg people to donate to your crowdfund campaign, or YouTube channel, or website, or whatever.

Now is the time to break away from the mainstream crap. This is the indie age, an age where anyone can earn money by providing the world a service, and your service is one of the best. Show the world what you can do, what you enjoy, get exposure, and start earning more money.