Misconception #16


Fish isn’t meat.

It isn’t? What is it? You say, “it’s fish.” And exactly what portion of the fish do you think you’re consuming?

The  scales?

The part of the fish you’re eating is the muscles it uses to propel it’s body, in other words, the meat!

Saying that fish isn’t meat is like saying that chicken isn’t meat, it’s chicken or fowl. Ya! The bird’s muscles it uses to move!

Muscle fibers are comprised of proteins and when you when you eat fish, you’re eating meat.

Did you think it was like a plant or something?

Misconception #15


Women don’t like sex as much as men

You’re obviously not putting it on her right. Women like sex more than men; they can have many different types of orgasms, and they can have them repeatedly in a short amount of time whereas men can really only have one…maybe two if they wan’t take it where the sun don’t shine.

So why this weird misconception?

Consider this; you’re a man and you’re fooling around with a woman. She wants to take you to the bedroom, but you have end of the year taxes on your mind, and your sister is sick, and your dog died, and your back hurts, but you want it, so you go to the bedroom, and your girl starts to please you, but her moves are jerky, hard, painful, awkward; she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing, and before you can “get there” she’s all done.

Now, consider this happens to you over and over again, would you not eventually just want to keep away from sex?

This is where you tell me, but if my girl was bad at it, I’d help her out, and tell her what I like.

Yes, I know, but  that’s not my point (and for some zany reason, most women won’t tell you or help you even though they claim to appreciate trust and communication), my point is that women have been conditioned to dislike bad sex, and  men have started to believe that women don’t like sex at all, but then why are they so quick to cheat?

I’ll tell you; they hear their friend talk about how good her man is and what he can do, and how long he can last, and how often he can do it, and they start to think about how bad you are. Then, they tell themselves that if you did love her, you’d find out how to make her feel good because sex is supposed to be the physical manifestation of two people’s love for one another. Then, they find someone that does make them feel good, someone they think appreciates them, but that guy is really a douche, who just enjoys stringing women along and they confuse good sex for love, which of course results in heartbreak when the douche rightfully cheats on them.

This isn’t an attack on anyone’s performance, and the problem is created by both men and women, but the confusion stems from people really believing that men like sex more than women, and it just isn’t true. Sex is just different for women, and they derive pleasure from different aspects of sexual content; they like being romanced, cuddled, made to feel safe, respected, and their biggest turn off is their partner looking at them with a pathetic countenance and asking, can we have sex tonight?

Women like spontaneity, they like when their man rubs their feet and slowly moves his hands up their creamy calf and over their silky thigh coupled with cute, sexy talk; I love your smooth skin, babe. Your little thighs are so cute and tight, I just can’t keep my hands to myself. Babe, your hair looks great.

If men appreciate their women, the ladies will reciprocate!

Why Doesn’t America Read

Why doesn’t America read?

Well, it isn’t a simple answer. Certainly, there are still many out there perusing internet articles for current events or scanning various sites for information, but where are all the Americans who read for entertainment?

Anyone who does actually read will claim that there are large communities of readers on sites like Goodreads, that there are plenty of places to download e-books like Smaswhords, and that the big boom in books released through Amazon and to e-readers would prove that there plenty of readers in America, but in truth, it’s a very small fraction of the country that engages in the lost art of reading.

Here’s a quick quote from the L.A. Times

The study found that overall, 72% of American adults have read a book in the past year, while the percentage for millennials, ages 18 to 29, was higher: 80%. The percentage of overall book readers dropped from the previous year, when 76% of American adults reported having read a book, either all or part of one.

Do you see? These are people who have read a book in a year, and not even a whole book; lot’s of people try to read, and then give up after a few pages, but why? Furthermore, the study doesn’t discuss what kind of book was read and why; some people glance at a non-fiction book for information, but does that count as reading?

The major presses are releasing tons of books for entertainment in America and other countries, but the presses are way out of touch with today’s audience; they don’t post book releases and reviews to social media outlets, they don’t really show any commercials for new releases on television, and unless someone is already a subscriber to Reader’s Digest, there isn’t anyone out there reading magazines containing book releases, but is marketing the problem?

No, it isn’t. The problem is that today, everyone and their grandmother can sit down at their computer, type out 50,000 words, buy a cover from some photoshop artist, and release it through Amazon, Smashwords, and Lulu. These people are often called indie authors, but that’s incorrect; indie authors are published through indie presses like Baen, actual presses with editors, marketers, and printers. The correct term is self published author, and these authors release their books through POD companies like Friesen Press; it’s a flurry of unedited mush, and, all too often, self published authors also release e-books, which flood the market, through Amazon and Smashwords.

But why is that a bad thing? Is it inappropriate to write a book and release it? Would not the readers and the market decide if the author and book are worth buying? In a free trade system, yes, but these authors get together through social media and trade books with each other, so that they can all give each other 5 star reviews on book sites. The result is a poorly written, cliched, stagnant piece with 100 5 star reviews enticing readers to buy a book, and then readers purchase it to find the writer wasn’t able to string together five words, much less reveal a cogent plot, and so they feel shilled, and they give their 1 star review, but it doesn’t end there. That doesn’t solve the problem.

You see, these self published authors get together on social media and tell each other to support other self published authors because they write for a living and need to pay their bills, so they all congregate and talk about trading good reviews in order to boost their sales, and there doesn’t seem to be anybody out there trying to dissuade them from this practice, which fools unsuspecting readers into buying trash.

Now, not all self published authors are terrible writers just like not all mainstream books are properly written. Some of them hire professional editors, others buy manuals to learn how to properly edit, some find beta-readers for feedback before a release, and some have degrees in literature or composition, but it’s so overly difficult to know which author has an inkling of editing when tons and tons and tons of e-books are flooding the market, and as I said, they all have hundreds of glowing reviews.

Another problem is the book reviewer industry. When a major press, or even a true, indie press, releases a book, they hire professional reviewers from companies like Kirkus to read and write a real, professional review on the book; these are paid professionals who take their careers very seriously, and they will describe in detail the good and bad points of the book. Furthermore, if the book is terrible, they will explain why and provide their rating for everyone to see. Self published authors don’t do this; they claim that paid reviews are biased, but it’s the paid reviewers that tell and post the truth!

Here’s the kicker, since these self published authors have been destroyed by real reviewers, they resort to each other for fake reviews, and they will even find blog sites and review sites to post reviews. Many will go so far as to create fake email accounts with which they create fake Amazon accounts, and then they give themselves great fake reviews.

On top of that, too often, these non-professional reviewers promise that they will NOT post a bad review. Instead, if they don’t like the book, rather than shaming the author, they opt out of posting the review, but reviews are not for authors, they are supposed to be for READERS. Readers deserve to know if a book is a waste of their time and money!

So, why doesn’t America read anymore? Because every time an American tries to pick up a book and start reading, their eyes are assaulted by uninspired dialogue, unbelievable characters, convoluted, nonsensical plots, and feel so disgusted with the world of reading, that they become jaded, thinking that books are simply terrible. In the end, they aren’t wrong because most of the mainstream trash is also poorly edited, and I’ve blogged extensively about that as well. You can see it here on Quora.

What can be done? Writers, all writers, can start hiring competent editors. You can learn more about editing here.

No one is saying that people should stop writing; it’s great that so many Americans have decided to put their thoughts into words, but they should do their due diligence and make their work a professional masterpiece; it doesn’t matter if the concept within the story is any good, everybody has different tastes, what matters is the quality of the writing, and the only way to let readers know whether a book is worth reading is by posting a real review.

If a book is bad, people need to say so. If a book is good, people need to say so, but what’s killing the reading industry is the masses of self published authors trading these fake reviews and these non-professional reviewers deciding NOT to post bad reviews; they must post bad reviews because reviews are for readers, not authors.

Add to that the dreck spewed from the disconnected, mainstream publishers, and what do you have? Americans that don’t want to read!

The Brian Griffins of the writing industry have been taking over. Someone needs to curtail this horrendous practice and restore reading and writing in America to its former glory.

Not only do readers deserve to know if a book is readable, but the authors deserve to hear why their book was bad, so that they can sit back and improve on their next novel. So many self-published authors write and release a book every month; there’s no way a book written that quickly is ready for release, and these clowns have no idea that they can’t write because they’re surrounded by their own ilk, raving about how amazing their book is, even though it lacks any kind of punctuation, all the characters talk the same, the plot makes no sense and wanders off like a drunken horse, and offers no lesson whatsoever.

Add to that all the mainstream writers out there buying 5,000 copies of their own books in order to fake their way onto the New York Time’s Best Seller list. It’s all garbage. It’s all designed to take your money; it’s no wonder America doesn’t read!

Do you want America to start reading again? You can help to solve the problem. Before you buy a book, take a look at the reviews; look at the 5 star reviews, look at the 1 star reviews, and then, on Amazon, you can click “look inside” and actually check to see if the writer was able to keep an idea within a paragraph; there’s an art to writing; it isn’t just words on a page. Each word has to fill the sentence with life. Each paragraph has to drive the essence of the story forwards. Each piece of dialogue has to sound like people conversing, and if an author fails in these concepts, readers will drop the book and walk away, enraged at the fact they just blew 2 dollars.

Please, America, read again; read reviews, good and bad, take a look inside the book, you have the opportunity, and on Smashwords, you can often download a free sample of the book. You can check out sample on Barnes and Noble, too. You have the powers to fix the issue, so stop complaining that no one reads anymore, and start promoting great books, and start chastising bad books.

Readers, you wonderful, American readers out there who still love finding a diamond in the rough, please review all the books you purchase; reader reviews are by far more important than professional or author reviews. If you want America to read again, give them a reason; talk about how good a book was; talk about how bad a book was; inform your fellow readers, so that all of you might band together on social media like the self published authors who are trying to trick you into buying a 50,000 word train wreck.

Be wary, be very, very wary; lots of self published authors will maliciously post negative reviews for writers if the other writer gave them an honest, bad review on their book. I’ve seen it; one author trades a book, he or she posts a review of the other author, and then, when they get their bad review in return, that author will remove their first review, and write a scathing indictment instead only to try and make themselves feel better, so it’s up to you, the American reader, to fix the book industry. If you love to read then you must review for better or worse, and you must tell your friends and family as well.

Help me make reading fun again. Please, but don’t just stop there, either. If you’re a professional book blogger or book reviewer, you can really share your influence, and you can earn money doing so.

Don’t just buy books from Smashwords. Sell books through Smashwords. Smashwords offers a super simple type of affiliate marketing where if you simply post a referral link on your site, and people buy the book through your link, you earn a portion of the sales.

Got a bookblog? Constantly discussing books with friends? Well, then, you’re selling books. Might as well earn a cut. Learn more here.

Misconception #14


People don’t need to eat meat. Gorillas are huge and they don’t eat meat.

Are you a gorilla? I’m not. I’m a human being. My stomach is incapable of metabolizing cellulose, so I need to ingest a form of protein to build and maintain muscle. Gorillas have a different biochemistry and don’t require the intake of meat. While it can be argued that people can ingest protein derived from substances other than meat, it is also important to know the function of the appendix is to aid the digestion of raw meat, bone, and hair.

We’re obviously designed to eat meat, but it is not a requirement- today -for healthy living because one could ingest pure amino acids. Furthermore, we all lead different lives and have different bodies. Mine burns a ton of energy; I’m inherently skinny, and not Topher Grace skinny, but Gotye skinny, which I don’t like, so I have to exercise to build muscle mass, and I have to feed that muscle protein, and since I’m a man, it’s important to feed it meat based protein.

Soy based protein is great for women because it promotes the body’s production of estrogen. I like tits, but I don’t want my own, so I eat meat. If I were a gorilla, I’d probably just eat plants and termites, but I’m not…are you?

Anyway,  eating meat after a work out session throws the body into growth mode; human growth hormone and testosterone productions increase if meat is ingested post exercise, but if other forms of food are ingested, the body goes into a recovery mode to replenish the nutrients lost during an exercise.

Having trouble finding the ideal weight or tone? Maybe you’re eating the wrong thing after your work out, or maybe you just become a gorilla.

Wait, don’t they usually have fat bellies?

One last note; beef, pork, and chicken are all high in Zinc content, and Zinc is a very important for biochemical reactions. In other words, if you keep away from meat, you may be at risk for diseases caused by a Zinc deficiency. Yes, this can be fixed by taking Zinc supplements, but Zinc supplements, and amino acid supplements by extension, don’t occur naturally, one has to create them in a lab for others to ingest them, so it becomes evident that humans need to consume meat, or at the very least, that humans are designed to consume meat.

Misconception #13


You can turn fat into muscle and vice versa.

Absolutely not. Fat is comprised of lipids, which serve to provide sources of energy. Muscle fibers are comprised of amino acids to form and maintain proteins in the body. You must ingest protein to build muscle. You must ingest fat, or a ton of carbs that you end up not using throughout the day, to store fat cells. You can not move the body with fat cells any more than you can derive energy from amino acids. Not moving muscles won’t turn the muscle fibers into fat cells, and since fat cells can’t be used to move the skeleton, you can’t exercise them to turn them into muscle fibers.

Ask your doctor.

It was recently I spoke to a putz who told me I was wrong and asked me if I got my information from the internet. I told him to ask his doctor and not take my word for it. Did he? You know he did and that his doctor told him I was right, but putzes like him will never admit they’re wrong, and besides, from where did he get his incorrect information? The internet, too, so go ask your doctor.

Misconception #12


Black people have an extra tendon/muscle in their calves.

No, damn it. They don’t. People of African descent or Africans in general–let’s just say black folk–tend to have a more developed muscular structure than white boys, but that’s where it ends.

Obviously, black folk’s bodies are designed to move the skeleton in a more athletic fashion, but that’s because they’ve lived in Africa for generations where the high altitude, brutal heat, and persistent danger has enticed them to develop as such. That said, Scandinavians tend to be quite athletic, too, and they’re about as white as you can get.

There are certainly some genetic differences between ethnicities; some people are more hairy, some are shorter, some are lighter in color, but when it comes to bones, organs, and muscles, everyone is pretty much the same; no one has extra limbs, extra muscles, tendons, eyes, ears, or buttholes.

Misconception #11


Nerds and dorks are the same.

Incorrect. To be a nerd means to have a specialized knowledge about something. A mechanical engineer is a nerd because he knows all about combustion, or moving parts, or tensile strength, or whatever. A writer has a specialized knowledge over words, grammar, sentence structure, voicing. A programmer has knowledge involving HTML or PHP, but a nerd can also be athletic, handsome, pretty, witty, funny, endearing. In other words, a football quarterback, who knows everything about playing football, is a football nerd, but he isn’t a dork.

A fashion model, who knows all there is to know about clothes, colors, and posture isn’t a dork. A photographer who knows all about lighting, shadows, types of bulbs, lenses, and editing software isn’t a dork. You can be a gun nerd, a hunting nerd, an engine nerd, a video game nerd, a movie nerd, a soccer nerd, a classical music nerd, or any kind of nerd by learning and understanding all there is to know about your specialty.

Dorks, on the other hand, are people lacking in social skills or etiquette. They are goofy people, who don’t seem to understand how to behave with others. They tend to lack kinesthetic control; they are clumsy, awkward. They usually have sub-normal intelligence and tend to gravitate towards childish things; playing Yugi-Oh at age 27, talking about nothing but Dragonball, living in their parents’ basement and playing video games all day long.

It often happens that there are nerds, who really enjoy anime and video games, but if you pit a nerd against a dork, you’ll see there is an inherent difference; nerds are smart, dorks are dumb. Nerds know all about their specialty. Dorks know a little bit about one thing, and that’s all they do or talk about.

Know your nerds. Know your dorks.

Misconception #10

Bullies are bullied at home.

Maybe…sometimes, this might be true. Think about it, though; that big, tough jock picking on the weasely nerd; touching him, pushing him, insulting him, picking on him; that big, tough jock is obsessed with that little nerd. Day after day, night after night, the nerd is on that jock’s mind; his stupid face, his skinny body, those dorky clothes, the way he moves, the way he speaks, laughs, coughs…kind of sounds like what a dude feels when he can’t get a hot broad out of his head, doesn’t it?

I think bullies are gay, and they hate themselves and are enraged because that little geek makes their pecker hard. Think what you will, but I think most bullies are gay or at least have gay thoughts about who they pick on, and that get’s ’em so mad, they bully him. When they attack that kid, they’r really trying to beat the gay out of themselves.

Misconception #9

Taxing the rich more than the poor fixes an economy.

If you believe this, you’r either brilliant or insane.

Let us start by using some simple numbers. A poor person earns $10,000 a year. A rich person earns $1,000,000 a year. Both people are taxed, we’ll say, %10, for the sake of keeping this simple, even though the truth is closer to %40 if we include all taxes levied on a person.

So, %10 of $10,000 is $1,000, and %10 of $1,000,000 is $100,000. This means that the poor person is paying 100 times LESS taxes than the rich person, so inherently, rich people do pay more in taxes than poor people, but it doesn’t end there.

When poor people buy a brand new car, they buy a Chevy for say, $20,000. The %7 tax on a $20,000 product comes to $1,400 while rich people buying a new car might buy a Mercedes for, we’ll say, $80,000.

%7 of $80,000 is $5,600, so again, rich people are paying more in taxes, and this applies to all buys since rich people tend to buy higher end products.

You see, the more rich people spend, the more they pay in taxes, and those taxes go to the government, which they always blow on asinine things, services, and programs.

Now that we’ve established that rich people DO pay more in taxes than poor people, let’s see what happens when we change the numbers.

A poor person still earns $10,000 and a rich person still earns $1,000,000, but now the poor are taxed %5 and the rich are taxed %20. That means that a poor person will pay $500 in taxes at the end of the year, and a rich person will pay $200,000 by the end of the year.

Looks good, right? Now rich people are paying their fair share, and poor people can keep more of their hard earned cash to better their lives, but let’s consider that there are WAY fewer rich people in the world than there are poor people. Let’s also consider that if a poor person has an extra $500 bucks at the end of the year, spending that extra $500 yields an additional $35 into the economy per person ($500 taxed at %7 equals $35), now a rich person has less money to spend, so they probably won’t be buying that yacht or that Mercedes- they don’t need all that shit anyway,  right? -so they don’t spend that additional $100,000 they originally had before they were taxed more. This means that there’s a $7,000 deficit dealt to the economy ($100,000 taxed at %7 equals $7,000), you with me?

Furthermore, you must take two additional concepts into consideration.

One, when rich people spend less money, companies suffer, which means hourly cutbacks, layoffs, and increased prices on the goods and services they already sell. This also means there won’t be as many rich people investing as much money in stocks, bonds, banks, etc, but the poor people aren’t going to invest that extra 500 bucks they get to keep.

What can you invest in with $500?

No, they’ll spend it, if they even get it, assuming they don’t lose hours at work, get laid off, or worse, have to spend more money on food and other neccesities because of the company cutbacks.

Finally, point number two, many of these rich people own and run companies of their own, so if they keep less cash at the end of the year, they have to be the ones creating the lay offs, cutbacks, and price increases.

Don’t believe me? Bush Sr. instituted a luxury tax back in the 90’s and this is exactly what happened.

So, you say, fine, alright, you made your point, but the rich are still getting richer, and the poor are still getting poorer. Something needs to be done.

Agreed. A value added tax is the only viable solution. Let’s begin by informing everyone that an income tax is actually unconstitutional. The constitution actually states that this is illegal, but an amendment was proposed to the supreme court in the early 1900’s to legalize this practice. It did not pass, but for some reason, the government still enacts this tax. The value added tax (VAT), however, could be set to provide a flat %10 or %15 tax on all goods and services.

Now, at the end of the year, everyone gets to keep all of their money, and everyone gets to decide on what they spend it, so we go back to the Chevys and Mercedes.

Now, a $20,000 buy yields $3,000 back to the government and an $80,000 buy yields $12,000, so again, rich people are taxed more than poor people, and since rich people spend a shit ton of money, they kick back a ton more to the government. Furthermore, there are still taxes on properties, which rich people own more, business licenses, which rich people have, title fees for houses, yachts, etc., which rich people have, and all that additional cash flow can go right back to the people screwing you over right now, the government.

I’ll never understand why poor people think they are entitled to better lives, and by extention, think that rich people don’t deserve to have what they have. Who decides who deserves what? If you want more, go get more.

Instead of buying beer and cigarettes, pool your money together with other family members and go buy some land. Instead of buying your brat kid a new car because they made it into highschool and everyone else has a nice car, tell them to go get a job and buy their own car.

You need to be responsible for your own life and not believe that the government should punish people for being successful. There are good rich people and bad. There are good poor people and bad, and certainly there are many people out there without a family who are too sick, too dumb, in too tough a circumstance to earn more money, and there is nothing wrong with the government helping them.

Social security is a good program, but the money needs to be disbursed to those who need it, truly need it, and if that were done then there would be no need to levy higher and higher taxes on anyone.

Misconception #8

God and Allah are the same God, but in a different language.

How can the God of Muhammad be the Father of Jesus Christ?

The name Allah was used for centuries before Muhammad became a prophet, and Allah was but one of 360 gods worshipped in the Ka’ab. In Muhammad’s fight against the belief of many deities, he chose Allah as his true God, but comparatively, Yaweh, who “is” God, was the only God presented to the Hebrew people, yet it is important to note that he had several names including El, Elohim, and El Shaddai.

Deviating for a moment, some say that Elohim is plural and represents many gods, but scholars argue that judging by the surrounding conjugations of sentence structure, Elohim is not presented as a plural form of Eloah or Eloha, or anything  else.

That said, let us return to the fact that God and Allah incite two very different and often contradictory  perceptions.

Take the worst Evangelist in the world; they may spout all kinds of hatred for queers, but they never get together and suicide bomb gay bars, do they? They don’t ever commit atrocious, violent crimes in the name of God, do they? They’re certainly, some of them, a hateful and judgmental bunch who have apparently forgotten judge not lest ye be judged, or let those without sin cast the first stone, or that God is the only being allowed to pass judgement, but never mind that for a second.

You’re about to say, look at the Spanish Conquest, and I’m about to answer, that was long ass time ago, and nothing like  it has happened recently unlike the events during 9/11/2001 (assuming those weren’t attacks plotted by the Bilderbergs).

Now, I have known some very peaceful practitioners of Islam, but according to Allah, or at least Muhammad, it’s cool to  have a bunch of wives, and never mind how old they are, and oh, it’s also cool to beat women into submission.

Now, again, I know you’re going to say, but the Mormons have many wives, and I’m about to say, yeah, but they don’t get together and bomb embassies or film themselves beheading people. I’m fully aware that there are worshippers of Allah, and then, there are radical Islamists, but the point, here, is that Allah is not the same deity as Yahweh and the worshippers of each have been fighting for a long time trying to prove that, so you can take that COEXIST bumper sticker off your car, ’cause those guys ain’t gettin’ along anytime soon.