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The Dragon of Time by Aaron Dennis

The Dragon of Time

by Aaron Dennis

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The Dragon of Time, Gods and Dragons By Aaron Dennis
The Dragon of Time, Gods and Dragons By Aaron Dennis

Hello again, everyone.

I’ve been scuttled away working on The Adventures of Larson and Garrett. The series of short stories has been doing very well, and of late, I’ve been writing a sort of story between the stories…I’m planning on consolidating the series of fantasy adventures into a novel, and I’m almost there. At this moment, there are several adventures available; The Sleeping Tree, A Werewolf in the Dark, Infestation, Trouble in Atjibur, Garrett’s Tale, On to Xorinth, and Investigating Trouble.

It looks like I’ll be able to come to a head with about ten stories, not that it’ll actually end there by any means, but for now, please check out The Adventures of Larson and Garrett at Google+

Finally, the last few giveaways have all gone well, and I just sent the winner of the last giveaway their copy of Gods and Dragons, but now it’s time for one more, so make sure to enter!

Thanks XD

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