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Product review – 3 in 1 pack penis rings

The 3 in 1 pack penis rings is another of my Amazon purchases. Considering the price and the product’s durability, this is a great buy.

The 3 pack came with 3 different colored rings; they’re all the same size and have the same pliability; I think they might be for the slightly larger than average man because the width of the opening is larger than I’ve seen seen in the past, but they’re nice and soft and slide on quite easily with a little lube.

This is probably a misunderstood product, as there are many many varieties of rings; it is simply meant to keep some of the blood from flowing back out of the penis, which provides a more robust erection. The good news is that the pleasure goes both ways, and this basic set of rings is an awesome way for two loving people to spice up their romance.

Product Review- The Sorcerer’s Crossing

The Sorcerer’s Crossing is a book by Taisha Abelar, who supposedly worked alongside Carlos Castaneda under the tutelage of Don Juan, an old, Indian sorcerer.

It is difficult to describe why this book is a failure; I am very enamored with Castaneda’s work. As such, it will be difficult to keep the two authors separate since they supposedly worked together to discover the totality of themselves, so I will preface by saying this: I have put Castaneda’s ideas to work; I have practiced inner silence, losing self importance, dreaming, the magical passes, not-doing, etc., and found the teachings of Don Juan to be real.

If you have not read any of these works–works by either Abelar or Castaneda–then you can’t possibly conceive of this situation, and that’s fine, but there are many out there familiar with Castaneda’s work; many believers and many skeptics, and yet it appears that neither the believers nor the skeptics put into practice the teachings, but this is a different point for a different conversation. What I can say here is that Castaneda openly admitted in his works that he did not provide the sorcerers’ real names nor did he disclose the actual location where anything took place- he blatantly states that in his novels. That being said, the characters; Don Juan, Don Genaro, Vicente, Pablito, LaGorda, LaCatalina; they are so vastly dissimilar that they are either real people or the product of a wonderfully talented author; the former is my belief because as I stated: I’ve practiced the ideas and they work for me, however, the ideas, people, and situations presented in The Sorcerer’s Crossing are not real.

I say this because the characters she presents are one dimensional; they all talk the same way, act the same way- it’s obviously just Abelar’s fabrication. She is trying so hard to jam one book with the level of mystery that was elicited by Castaneda’s works, but he had to stretch it out over 12 or 13 books. It’s difficult, really, to explain this. I don’t know if Abelar did or didn’t ever work with Don Juan or what role she actually played in the new cycle, or she if ever practiced anything herself. Maybe she really did, but the book itself feels fabricated; the story of a silly girl trying to mimic the vast eternity that was Don Juan Matus.

In conclusion, I want you to make your own decision, but my suggestion is to not waste your money on The Sorcerer’s Crossing.

Product review- Singer assorted safety pins

At one time or another, we all find ourselves in need of a safety pin. Remember when in cartoons, babies diaper’s were held in place with a safety pin? Was that a thing that actually happened? How many babies got stabbed in their chubby bellies?

I don’t have a baby, but I did need some safety pins; I used them to hold fabric in place while I sewed. These safety pins worked pretty good, but I mean, are there crappy ones? The Singer set came with 50 and they vary in size. It’s a good product and inexpensive.

You can get your own set of Singer Assorted Steel and Brass Safety Pins on Amazon

Product Review- Puma men’s volume boxer briefs

Lately, I’ve put on some weight…it’s mostly muscle. No, but seriously folks, I needed new undies, and I’m a boxer guy, but they keep ripping in the crotch whenever I lift my legs, so I though I’d give boxer briefs a try. I recently bought these Puma brand draws, and they’re pretty good; they don’t crowd my junk, the stitching doesn’t irritate my thighs, and the material doesn’t pull my hair.

Being an active gentlemen, it’s important to me that my clothes are durable, comfortable, and somewhat flexible. Since tighties aren’t comfortable, boxers aren’t resilient, and the previous pairs of boxer briefs I owned were just terrible, I had my reservations, but these Puma draws are great…and the girls seem to like it when I wear the red ones.  ;P

Product Review- Thera-Band Light Flex Bar

The Thera-Band Light Flex Bar is supposed to be a bar of rubber with a specific amount of resistance designed to help in the recovery of light injuries such as tennis elbow. I purchased it in order to try some new exercises without too much strain on my joints, tendons, and ligaments. The version I procured holds 15 pounds of resistance when forced into a “U” shape. (I should note that I have bulging and herniated disks in my neck and back as well as a damaged scapula.)

I’m very impressed with the quality and price of this piece. While the resistance is low, it does allow me to precisely execute my exercises without too much strain. From bending it in front of my chest, to overhead, to behind the back, I can work the small muscles in a manner that can’t be done with traditional weight lifting. Furthermore, it is quite a resilient piece of equipment, which can be used for hours at a time,

Whether used for resistance training or recuperation, I think the Thera-Band Light Flex Bar is a must have piece of equipment.

Product Review- Front Mission 4

Front Mission 4 is a futuristic, turn based, strategy game for PS 2.

You control wanzer pilots (mech pilots) and the Zaftrans, or Russians, are trying to trick the EC and the UCS (The Euorpean military and North American military) into attacking each other, but the Durandal (researchers who are somehow more powerful than all the world’s armies) gets involved in the investigation regarding an attack on a German base. Simultaneously, the Venezuelans are rebelling and some UCS deserters get mixed up in the revolt.

You control Elsa and the Durandal gang for a while then bounce over to Venezuela where you control Darril and his crew. The story bounces back and forth repeatedly, which is annoying, and the two factions never meet up. It would have been better to choose which playthrough you want, and then do the other one when you play the second time. Regardless, it was a solid game; not too challenging, good music, good graphics, and the characters are fun.

One more complaint I had was the brevity of the game. Being a PS 2 game, it could have been a little longer, but if you play through with little guff and no dawdling, you’ll get about 40 hours out of it.