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Misconception #23


Vikings were big, burly hairy men with horned helmets, who killed and razed villages.


First, the number of combs, brushes, and blades discovered among tombs and ruins suggests that “vikings”, and by that, most people mean Scandinavians, took very good care of their hair and facial hair. They also crafted colorful clothing, told stories, and carved pictures and runes into stones.

Now, judging by the harsh land, it’s also unlikely that most of them had enough food to get big. Anthropologists have also discovered that most viking skeletons were only average in size, at best, and they showed signs of malnourishment, so they were certainly fierce, and obviously smart, but they were far from the big, burly cartoon depictions we see today.

They were a crafty people, though, since their weapons were forged of steel rather than bronze; they smelted something called bog iron, and to do so, they had construct forges hot enough to smelt the ore, which is something no other culture was capable of doing at the time. The steel wasn’t just used for swords, however, they also crafted nails, which they used to build dragon boats, vessels made of long planks of oak. These boats, however small, were able to withstand the rigors of the high seas because of their flexibility.

Today, we know they sailed as far as Canada and may have traded as far south as America.

Finally, the notion that they wore horned helmets is a little strange; horned helmets didn’t make an appearance until the dark ages, and it was the British who wore them. There had never been any art in any part of Scandinavia portraying vikings as wearing horned helmets, so why cartoons, movies, and video games depict them as such will remain a mystery.

Misconception #22


If you want to lose weight, you should skip breakfast.

That’s about the best way to ensure you don’t lose weight.


Because after waking, the body requires an intake of calories in order to start the metabolic reactions to burn the proper kinds of energy. If you skip breakfast, the body will go into a starvation mode, or an energy conservation mode, and you won’t burn stored fat.

Ideally, you should eat a healthy, if small, breakfast; maybe a banana, and then nothing else until dinner time. It’ll be tough to skip lunch, because you’ll be very hungry, but this is precisely when the body will be burning the excess energy.

Weight loss can be a very difficult process, especially if you’re eating the wrong things at the wrong time, but skipping breakfast is a surefire way to keep those pounds on.

A light breakfast of fruits is probably the best way to go; the simple carbohydrates are quickly broken down by the body and expended for energy then the body starts to burn the stored energy from fat cells. Do keep in mind that even if fat cells are expended, they do not vanish.

As I said, it’s a difficult process. One needs to understand that when energy is introduced into the body, but not used, it is stored in fat cells. These fat cells, once full, cannot expand, and new fat cells are formed, which hold more fat, however, once the fat from within the cells is expended, the cells remain, hence the ease with which weight is regained.

Misconception #21


Christopher Columbus discovered America

He sure didn’t, he reached the Carribean, and he was orignally looking for a quicker route to India, thus naming the Americans Indians, because the crew didn’t realize where they landed.

Anyway, you ever heard of Colombia? Yeah, named after Colombus, because he made it there. America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who also didn’t discover America.

In fact, there’s evidence that both the Chinese and the Scandinavians reached the Americas before anyone else, but at any rate, Europe decided to name America after Vespucci because of his contributions to cartography.

Sorry, Columbus….

Misconception #20


Commandment six is thou shalt not kill

Wrong again! The KJV might state it as thou shalt not kill, but the actual commandment, as given to Moses by God, was thou shalt
do no murder.

There’s a big difference as murder requires plotting and a personal intention to end someone’s life. Now, we all know there are times when God said, and go kill the first born sons of every man, but it can’t be murder if it’s ordained by God. Furthermore, everyone has a right to their own safety, well-being, and long lived life, and if one must
kill to survive then it isn’t murder, at least not by U.S. legal standards; that’s why we have things like manslaughter, not that any of that matters because we’re talking about the commandments–God’s laws–and the 6th Commandment read: thou shalt do no murder.

Misconception #19


Big head means bigger brain, which means smarter.

No way. Human brains are basically all the same size even though the sizes of skulls can vary. The truth is that too big and too small heads both cause severe complications, but, generally speaking, people with bigger heads have a lower IQ than people with
smaller heads. This is believed to be due in part by the fact that neurotransmitters don’t have to travel quite as far if the brain is slightly compressed, by they must travel further if a brain is slightly expanded.

Up to 50 years ago, the size of the average human head was 22 inches in circumference. Today, the average human head is closer to 26 inches, and there’s as much corroborating evidence suggesting that people are getting dumber.

As was stated earlier, there are two conditions–macrocephaly and microcephaly–which cause severe problems and mental
retardation, but the information provided here excludes those conditions; we’re just talking about big headed numb nuts like one of the guys, or maybe even more than one of the guys, running for president in this year of 2016. We’re also referring to a certain
actor that everything thinks is the bees knees even though he’s a blank faced moron who can only play one part- himself.

This guy has a pretty big head, too, and if you start to pay attention to what these big headed people do and say, ya’ might realize they ain’t quite so bright as others. The funny thing is that dumb people always think the smart people are the dummies; you try to explain that a massive head means larger synapses, and they look at you like you’re crazy, but then again there’s always that old saying; smart motherfuckers sound like crazy motherfuckers to dumb motherfuckers.

Misconception #18


People choose to be gay

People don’t choose to be gay anymore than people choose to be straight.

Oh…if you ARE choosing to be straight, does that mean you want big, hairy, man dick, and you’re just declining to take it, but telling others that it’s wrong to be gay?

No one chooses to be turned on by breasts, butts, men, women, animals, smells, or anything else; it’s something biomechanical; it’s a reaction in our genetic makeup. Some people are simply only aroused by members of their own sex.

Consider this, did you choose which color is your favorite?

No, you were just born that way.

Did you choose to prefer the smell of strawberries over vanilla?

Nope, just born that way.

Did you choose to be an ass man?

Did you choose to be a woman who is aroused by bearded men?

No! You’re just wired that way, and that’s what’s happened to these homos and lezzies; there’s nothing wrong with them, they just happen to be aroused by people of their same gender, and what difference does it make?

Is there a such a need to reproduce?

No, the human race is in no danger of extinction.

What does it matter who gets it on with who?

So long as we’re talking about consenting adults, let them have their little slice of happiness. Life is altogether too short and difficult for anyone to be worrying about what others are doing in the privacy of their own pants.

This is the part where you say, “But the homodes and quiffords spread the AIDS!”

Well, everyone should use protection and practice safe sex. So, you say, “But I don’t want them trying ta’ have sex with me!”

Don’t worry, brah, they don’t want anymore to do with you than you with them. Homosexual, transsexual, and whatever other sexual there is isn’t going to start groping and pawing at you. People been gay and whatever else since the existence of human kind, and they’re not suddenly going to start harassing straight people.

You ever heard of a gaggle of gays chasing a straight dude down the street, catching him, beating him, and stringing him up?

I haven’t, and I doubt if it’ll start. These people are just regular people; there’s good and bad homosexuals, rich and poor ones, smart and dumb ones, pervy and prudish ones. You don’t bother them, and they probably won’t bother you either.

Besides, did you know that lots of wolves get gay? Did you know that heifers sometimes go lesbian? Not making it up….

Misconception #17


Life can’t exist on a planet that is not like earth.

Incorrect; life like earth life can’t exist on a planet that is not lik earth. In other words, there will probably never be mammals, birds, or reptiles on a planet dissimilar from earth’s special variables, but to blindly assume that all life must breath a specific ration of oxygen, or even any oxygen at all, is asinine.

To assume that life must drink water to survive is just as crazy.

Why not could an organism have an internal organ that fuses hydrogen and oxygen to create water internally?

Such an organism could then exist in an environment where it breathed hydrogen and consumes some kind of flora, fauna, fungus, mold, or even minerals that release oxygen upon consumption.

Life like earth life certainly requires a planet similar to earth to exist, but it is ridiculous to assume that alien life isn’t so vastly dissimilar that it does not abide by earth’s rules.

Imagine a creature existing on world mostly covered by some form of liquid, perhaps even liquid oxygen. This creature could have long, chitinous legs with pores designed to scoop oxygen into its body, or maybe it doesn’t even require oxygen; plants on earth breathe carbon dioxide (that’s right, CO2 is not a poison) an alien creature might also breath CO2 or even ammonia gasses or a liquid form of the substance.

On the other hand, an alien creature might secrete some form digestive fluid that oxidizes iron; it feeds on rust and inhales the resulting gasses from the chemical reaction.

I am aware that on earth, most creatures require oxygen in order to complete certain chemical reactions in the brain, an I am aware that on earth, carbon based cells require water, an I am aware that carbon is the ideal building block due to its inherent atomic form, but there have been numerous studies that show silicon is almost as functional, but in spite of all that, there’s no reason to believe that form of flying jellyfish insect can’t ingest a different compound that contains hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms and flourish amongst its radically different brethren.

As a matter of fact, let’s take it a step a further. Consider extremophiles that inhabit the most strenuous of  environments on earth. They’re earth life forms, but they live in sulfur, on lava, on the bottom of the ocean, in the deepest, darkest caves.

Is it so incredulous to assume that creatures could live in a completely liquid environment? A totally gaseous environment? Is it impossible for a creature to have such a radically different genetic makeup that it requires the intake of ammonia rather than water?

Perhaps it is safe to believe that intelligent life cannot exist out there in the universe, and it is definitely safe to assume that oxygen breathing creatures that drink water probably don’t exist off earth, but it’s dumb to think that a planet must be just like earth to support life- carbon based life? Maybe, but why not tungsten based life, silicon based life, or even helium based life?

If awareness and reproduction are the basis of life then anything is possible….

Misconception #16


Fish isn’t meat.

It isn’t? What is it? You say, “it’s fish.” And exactly what portion of the fish do you think you’re consuming?

The  scales?

The part of the fish you’re eating is the muscles it uses to propel it’s body, in other words, the meat!

Saying that fish isn’t meat is like saying that chicken isn’t meat, it’s chicken or fowl. Ya! The bird’s muscles it uses to move!

Muscle fibers are comprised of proteins and when you when you eat fish, you’re eating meat.

Did you think it was like a plant or something?

Misconception #15


Women don’t like sex as much as men

You’re obviously not putting it on her right. Women like sex more than men; they can have many different types of orgasms, and they can have them repeatedly in a short amount of time whereas men can really only have one…maybe two if they wan’t take it where the sun don’t shine.

So why this weird misconception?

Consider this; you’re a man and you’re fooling around with a woman. She wants to take you to the bedroom, but you have end of the year taxes on your mind, and your sister is sick, and your dog died, and your back hurts, but you want it, so you go to the bedroom, and your girl starts to please you, but her moves are jerky, hard, painful, awkward; she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing, and before you can “get there” she’s all done.

Now, consider this happens to you over and over again, would you not eventually just want to keep away from sex?

This is where you tell me, but if my girl was bad at it, I’d help her out, and tell her what I like.

Yes, I know, but  that’s not my point (and for some zany reason, most women won’t tell you or help you even though they claim to appreciate trust and communication), my point is that women have been conditioned to dislike bad sex, and  men have started to believe that women don’t like sex at all, but then why are they so quick to cheat?

I’ll tell you; they hear their friend talk about how good her man is and what he can do, and how long he can last, and how often he can do it, and they start to think about how bad you are. Then, they tell themselves that if you did love her, you’d find out how to make her feel good because sex is supposed to be the physical manifestation of two people’s love for one another. Then, they find someone that does make them feel good, someone they think appreciates them, but that guy is really a douche, who just enjoys stringing women along and they confuse good sex for love, which of course results in heartbreak when the douche rightfully cheats on them.

This isn’t an attack on anyone’s performance, and the problem is created by both men and women, but the confusion stems from people really believing that men like sex more than women, and it just isn’t true. Sex is just different for women, and they derive pleasure from different aspects of sexual content; they like being romanced, cuddled, made to feel safe, respected, and their biggest turn off is their partner looking at them with a pathetic countenance and asking, can we have sex tonight?

Women like spontaneity, they like when their man rubs their feet and slowly moves his hands up their creamy calf and over their silky thigh coupled with cute, sexy talk; I love your smooth skin, babe. Your little thighs are so cute and tight, I just can’t keep my hands to myself. Babe, your hair looks great.

If men appreciate their women, the ladies will reciprocate!

Misconception #14


People don’t need to eat meat. Gorillas are huge and they don’t eat meat.

Are you a gorilla? I’m not. I’m a human being. My stomach is incapable of metabolizing cellulose, so I need to ingest a form of protein to build and maintain muscle. Gorillas have a different biochemistry and don’t require the intake of meat. While it can be argued that people can ingest protein derived from substances other than meat, it is also important to know the function of the appendix is to aid the digestion of raw meat, bone, and hair.

We’re obviously designed to eat meat, but it is not a requirement- today -for healthy living because one could ingest pure amino acids. Furthermore, we all lead different lives and have different bodies. Mine burns a ton of energy; I’m inherently skinny, and not Topher Grace skinny, but Gotye skinny, which I don’t like, so I have to exercise to build muscle mass, and I have to feed that muscle protein, and since I’m a man, it’s important to feed it meat based protein.

Soy based protein is great for women because it promotes the body’s production of estrogen. I like tits, but I don’t want my own, so I eat meat. If I were a gorilla, I’d probably just eat plants and termites, but I’m not…are you?

Anyway,  eating meat after a work out session throws the body into growth mode; human growth hormone and testosterone productions increase if meat is ingested post exercise, but if other forms of food are ingested, the body goes into a recovery mode to replenish the nutrients lost during an exercise.

Having trouble finding the ideal weight or tone? Maybe you’re eating the wrong thing after your work out, or maybe you just become a gorilla.

Wait, don’t they usually have fat bellies?

One last note; beef, pork, and chicken are all high in Zinc content, and Zinc is a very important for biochemical reactions. In other words, if you keep away from meat, you may be at risk for diseases caused by a Zinc deficiency. Yes, this can be fixed by taking Zinc supplements, but Zinc supplements, and amino acid supplements by extension, don’t occur naturally, one has to create them in a lab for others to ingest them, so it becomes evident that humans need to consume meat, or at the very least, that humans are designed to consume meat.